Claude Cohen-Tannoudji,David Guéry-Odelin's Advances in Atomic Physics:An Overview PDF

By Claude Cohen-Tannoudji,David Guéry-Odelin

This publication offers a complete review of the remarkable advances obvious in atomic physics over the past 50 years. The authors clarify how such development was once attainable via highlighting connections among advancements that happened at assorted occasions. They speak about the recent views and the hot examine fields that glance promising. The emphasis is positioned, no longer on unique calculations, yet fairly on actual principles. Combining either theoretical and experimental concerns, the publication should be of curiosity to a variety of scholars, academics and researchers in quantum and atomic physics.


    • General Introduction
    • General Background
  • Light: A resource of knowledge on Atoms:
    • Optical Methods
    • Linear Superpositions of inner Atomic States
    • Resonance Fluorescence
    • Advances in excessive answer Spectroscopy
  • Atom-Photon Interactions: A resource of Perturbations forAtoms which might be Useful:
    • Perturbations because of a Quasi Resonant Optical Excitation
    • Perturbations as a result of a excessive Frequency Excitation
  • Atom-Photon Interactions: an easy method for learning better Order Effects:
    • Multiphoton techniques among Discrete States
    • Photoionization of Atoms in excessive Laser fields
  • Atom-Photon Interactions: a device for Controlling and Manipulating Atomic Motion:
    • Radiative Forces Exerted on a Two-Level Atom at Rest
    • Laser Cooling of Two-Level Atoms
    • Sub-Doppler Cooling. Sub-Recoil Cooling
    • Trapping of Particles
  • Ultracold Interactions and Their Control:
    • Two-Body Interactions at Low Temperatures
    • Controlling Atom-Atom Interactions
  • Exploring Quantum Interferences with Few Atoms and Photons:
    • Interference of Atomic de Broglie Waves
    • Ramsey Fringes Revisited and Atomic Interferometry
    • Quantum Correlations. Entangled States
  • Degenerate Quantum Gases:
    • Emergence of Quantum results in a Gas
    • The lengthy Quest for Bose-Einstein Condensation
    • Mean box Description of a Bose-Einstein Condensate
    • Coherence houses of Bose-Einstein Condensates
    • Elementary Excitations and Superfluidity in Bose-Einstein Condensates
  • Frontiers of Atomic Physics:
    • Testing primary Symmetries. Parity Violation in Atoms
    • Quantum Gases as easy platforms for Many-Body Physics
    • Extreme Light
    • General Conclusion

Readership: Graduate scholars, researchers and teachers drawn to quantum and atomic physics.

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